Chelsea Football Academy


DualthermHP® Insulated units

Inner leaf: 6mm Clear Float

Outer leaf: 6mm Coolite 454 Green

Dualspan® Ceramic panels

Inner leaf: Cactus Ceramic with applied insulation

Outer leaf: 6mm Clear Float

Chelsea state of the art Cobham training ground is one of the cutting edge facilities in the whole of Europe. According to the Chelsea staff, the training ground ‘reflects the professionalism and the high standards of the club.’ The building creates a modern environment designed to encourage players and staff to contiunously move forward in football. The new building includes new treatment rooms, gyms and rehabilitation centres.

The architect AFL have stated ‘Our aim with the glazing was to articulate and separate the layered elements of the facade and to allow lots of natural day light into the upper floors. It is visually very successful.’