Solar Control High Performance

Insulating glass units incorporate high performance single surface coatings from all the major glass manufacturers that offer top class solar control glazing, coupled with the benefits of thermal insulation

This multi-faceted product range has been established to satisfy the increasing demands of architects and designers looking to encompass the modern day trend of high light transmission and colour-neutrality, without sacrificing effective solar control and the energy-relevant demands on building envelopes.

The comprehensive range incorporate Coolite, Suncool and Sunguard products from Saint Gobain Glass, Pilkington Glass and Guardian Glass respectively, each of which offer individual characteristics to suit the building design and specifiers requirements. Colour options, higher reflectivity and increased selectivity to improve light and energy ratios are also available, please contact our technical sales office for further details.

dualseal are able to supply the majority of the ‘process capable’ coatings from stock with beneficial delivery terms that exceed expectations for glass in this category range. Please contact our technical sales office for specific details on these products.