dualseal Managing Safety

Congratulations go to the nine dualseal employees who recently gained their IOSH Managing Safety Certificate.

In March 2019 six managers and three supervisors took part in the four-day training course which also involved an assignment to conduct a risk assessment and an examination.

As part of our ongoing commitment development, improvement and to protect the safety of our employees dualseal acknowledged the importance of the management team understanding their responsibilities for safety in the workplace.  It is the most recognised accredited health and safety training programme for managers within the UK who learn what their responsibilities are and how to implement excellent working methods to ensure all workers are kept safe.

Through this qualification managers can recognise common workplace hazards and implement appropriate control measures.  Estimate, evaluate and reduce risk by and undertake risk assessments as well as understand HSE legislation.

Health & Safety and Training manager Oliver Ashford said “Every employee at dualseal has an obligation towards ensuring health & safety is taken seriously, it is reassuring they are committed to doing so.  This course has provided the management team with additional knowledge that will help them avoid any issues from happening and understand their roles and responsibilities as team managers”.  Mike Garry, Head of Operations added “there is no hierarchy when it comes to health and safety, everyone is equal.  Health and safety is integral to our business and I congratulate the management team for their success”.

Mike Garry (right) congratulates Dominic Farley for achieving 98% on his IOSH exam.